Fujifilm raised over 150,000 EUR (190,000 USD) to date in its continued support of WaterAid, the international charity dedicated to providing access to safe water in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Since 2012, Fujifilm has donated a percentage from the sale of every square metre of Brillia HD PRO-T3 processless plates sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to the global organization.

Since the start of the initiative between the two companies in 2012, Fujifilm has consistently surpassed its targets, raising over 65,000 EUR (82,000 USD) – over double the targeted amount – in the first 12 months, and culminating in a total of €150,299 (189.919 USD) raised to date in just over two years.

WaterAid corporate account executive Asma Rafiq said: ‘We are delighted that what started out as a 12-month initiative two years ago, has developed into an ongoing partnership with Fujifilm. The money it has already raised has made a major impact on our mission to give the poorest communities across the world access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation. Its support will continue to transform these people’s livelihoods for the better.’

Takashi Yanagawa, senior vice-president at Fujifilm Europe, said: ‘With water very high on both WaterAid and Fujifilm’s agendas, together with the fantastic work this charity is doing, I cannot think of a better cause to support through our Brillia HD PRO-T3 sales. The overwhelming market success we’ve had with PRO-T3 has allowed us to donate a significant amount of money to WaterAid’s cause already, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.’

Written for: Labels and Labeling Magazine

October 2014

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