Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has launched SpearRC, a pressure-sensitive label material designed for use with the 400 billion global PET bottles and to allow their recycling without the associated contamination as seen with traditional pressure-sensitive label materials.

Spear has worked in conjunction with the Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers (APR) in North America to create a recyclable pressure-sensitive label alternative since 2002, and although a product was developed the material was cost prohibitive to most customers.

Spear continued development and, with the release of SpearRC, said it has introduced a cost-effective recycling option including clear, white and metalized film material options.

SpearRC features proprietary technology, and independent testing was completed by Plastics Forming Enterprise (PFE) utilizing commercially processed labelled bottles. Successful results led SpearRC to be recognized by APR as being PET recycling compatible and the European PET Bottle Platform has deemed it to be a fully compatible label technology.

Constantia Flexibles Labels Division is looking to use SpearRC to ‘revolutionize’ the PET bottle market with further expansion in the months to come.

Beverage brand Carlsberg has used SpearRC for the labels for its oldest and best selling bottled mineral water in Norway, Farris, since early 2014.

Christine Nygaard-Andersen, Carlsberg Group brand manager, said: ‘The introduction of a one-way PET bottle (superseding the returnable plastic bottles) was the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the brand.

‘New designs build on the incredibly strong and recognizable Farris diamond equity and are carried across all brand extensions. Paper labels were replaced with metallic PSL labels for the core range and have helped premiumize the brand and give it a more modern look.

‘For Bris, the clear pressure-sensitive labels have helped better communicate the lightness of the product with a more transparent and playful look than the precious paper labels could offer.

‘Choosing recyclable material was an obvious choice for us, and a prerequisite when looking for a suitable material.  Spear has offered great help and expertise in identifying suitable materials, optimizing the design and achieving a great end result.’

Rick Fearn, vice president of research and development at Spear, said: ‘The market has been seeking such a solution for numerous years. Building off our unique relationships with industry leaders and our ever evolving knowledge of pressure sensitive materials, with SpearRC we are able to formally announce a near-cost parity solution that will change the PET bottling landscape.’

APR released the final report of its Sleeve Label Working Group last year detailing recommendations the packaging industry can use to mitigate the impact of sleeve labels on the recycling of PET bottles.

Written for: Labels and Labeling Magazine

By: Staff writer

Written on Febuary 23, 2015

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